Friday, May 20, 2016

Research on Careers in Technology

Which of the fields or potential careers interested you the most?

  • Based on the articles I read and the jobs part of the Technology Industry that I researched, I found that some potential careers that interests me are an Information Technology Manager(IT Manager), Computer Support Specialist, and Computer Systems Analyst. An IT Manager is in charge of helping certain organizations or companies modernize their businesses through the use of technology, so that they are always using the best technology. Additionally, they are typically found working on everything that needs to be done, even small tasks, or in business meetings planning new software upgrades. Secondly, a computer support specialist, spends most of the time on the phone receiving calls from customers or people having troubles with their computers, laptops, etc. Lastly, a Computer Systems Analyst, has the job of combining both technology and business. They work on the business aspect of technology such as costs of the new upgrades and who wants it. Therefore from the three the most interesting one for me is being an IT Manager because they work more with organization and making sure that everything is going good in the business and making arrangements so that the company is being successful.
What jobs did you become aware of that you had not heard of or did not know of previously?

  • While researching, I discovered certain careers such as a Computer systems Administrator which has to be managing cables all day making sure the are wired correctly and are working properly so that all information can get through such as communication lines. Computer systems administrators have a median salary of $75, 790. Another one was an Information Security Analyst, whose job is to prevent a company's chances of getting a cyberattack. They work on creating security systems to protect the security of a company. A security analyst is the #5 Top Best job in Technology jobs and has a median salary of $88,890. You need to have a Bachelor's Degree in order to be accepted or to be looked at for a job of this style. There are certain problems you may encounter when working in this job, such as high stress levels and well flexibility may vary in this career.
Which jobs that you researched looked the most promising in terms of job outlook for the next ten years?

  • In terms of job outlook for the next ten years, the most promising career is an IT Manager simplye because it has a lower unemployment rate and a good amount of projected jobs. An IT Manager, based on the statistics provided by has about 53,700 projected jobs at the time with an unemployment rate of 1.8%. Which in this case is much less than the other two potential career choices I would shift to. An opportunity as a Computer Support Specialist right now is not as great or promising as a job of being an IT Manager. Currently, the projected jobs available are 13,600 with a 2% unemployment rate. Lastly, Computer Systems Analysts though this is the #1 job in the field of technology, there is a large number of projected jobs beginning at 118,600 jobs. Even with such a large number of jobs available, the unemployment rate is 2.6% which in turns becomes the highest rate of unemployment between the three options which is another motive as to why I lean more towards becoming an IT Manager.  
What sort of preparation do you need to land a job in the field that you found more interesting?
  • To get the job that I found the most interesting, there are certain requirements or in a way guidelines to follow in order to achieve the goal. In order to be hired as an IT Manager you must have a bachelor's degree in either computer or information science. One of the schools with the top programs in information science is the University of Illinois.  Addtionally you must have some forms of experience with computer programming, mathematics or software development. Moreover you should have a graduate degree. First you'll begin off working in any IT job and later get promoted to an IT Manager and thus from there work your way up to whatever other occupation you may want to reach. 
In order for me to get into the field that i found more interesting I have to set a plan that I will follow and which will hopefully get me to where I want to go. For starters being in high school, my plan is to graduate with my tech academy certificate so that therefore I have some experience and knowledge about using certain programs and working with different people through collaboration. From there hopefully get accepted into a UC and being enrolled in classes having to do with information science. From being enrolled I will work towards recieving a bachelor's degree in computer science and a graduate degree. Further I plan to be an intern in a company where I would have hopes in getting a job position there after my graduation. Therefore, once I graduate I will hopefully have a job to begin with, without having to wait and waste my time.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Robotics Walter

    Working in groups to build a Robot

     When working with my group in this robotics project we were divided into 2 groups, the design group and the programming group. I was part of the design group in which we had to design a "shell" for our robot to generally make it look like a robot. However in order to achieve this stage we had to build the robot. In a way building it was pretty difficult since we were the first group to start we had to manage to build it even when the directions were confusing at times. Once the robot was build my group member began to program it since our robot did not work right after it was built. When we got the programming stage we then reached another obstacle which meant having to rearrange certain wires on the robot to get it to actually move the way we wanted it too. 

     Since we have different ideas in my group each of us designed our own shell which we would then vote on later. First we had gone with the idea of creating a similar looking Wall-e. So using SketchUp I began to design my "box looking" shell which did not turn as expected it was challenging due to the fact that the measurements would have to be accurate if not exact to be printed in the 3D printer, additionally i had to make certain openings in the box to allow for the sensor to not be blocked and could be directed with the control.
My model of the shell
 Once I finished my shell it looked very simple and followed the way wall-e looks, however my partner did a much better job at creating a more detailed shell and thus his shell won.Overall building and being part of the programming as well as design portion of the project it was a long process and took a lot of focus and persistence but in the end my group and I were able to get the robot to do what we wanted. As well as i learned how to use measurements and wire up the robot correctly to get it to match the directions needed to succeed and getting the robot to move. 

My partner's model

Friday, February 12, 2016

Cheese Platform Game on Scratch

The cheese platform game I created on Scratch is essentially a simple game with the objective to get the character to jump on the platform and reach the cheese. However, the objective is not only to reach the cheese but also to finish the levels in under 10 seconds to win the game. The hardest part of creating this game was to get my character to jump up to the platform. Another difficulty was getting the platform to move with the character and getting it near the second platform. My favorite part of creating this game was being able to play it because it' awesome to create a game for yourself.

Maze Game

The maze game I created is a simple game that can be played specifically for younger children. The objective of the game is to collect all the gold keys and in Level 2 reach the Starbucks and then make it to the end of the maze. Level 1 is just about collecting the keys and not touching the red whereas Level 2 is about not touching any of the color purple or you'll return to the beginning of the level. Essentially it is an fun easy game to play.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Programming With Scratch: Diana Alvarado

My first impression when working with scratch was that it seemed pretty easy to use and manage, I thought that the images such as the backdrops and the characters looked too childish and I figured it was going to be a simple program to use. However, to my surprise it was more complex than just making a character move from place to place. I think the easiest part of scratch for me to understand was to go to the library and choosing the scenery, and characters because I was able to come up with my own story line and what I wanted to happen in my scenes. The greatest challenge for me was guessing what each event really did and then having to rearrange everything again if it wasn't the way I wanted it to be. One of the things I really wanted to do was to get the monkey to jump however I never got it to work the way I wanted it to so I just didn't do it at all and just incorporated a lioness. To make my next project better I would like to learn how to make more actions with my character and get it to look more realistic.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

House For Sale

House For Sale

  • Location: Camden, Maine
  • Square footage:2,400 square feet
  • Number of rooms:  
                              1 Bedroom
                              1 Bathroom                                  
                              1 Kitchen
                              1 Living room 

  • Year built:2005
  • Proximity to school, markets, hospital, and park:

                              School:2 blocks away

                              Markets:1 mile away

                              Hospital:3 miles away
                              Parks:5 blocks away

  • Amenities:
                             Backyard with swing set       
  • Price:$170,850.00


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Little About Me

    Hello, my name is Diana Alvarado. I'm 15 years old and I am a sophomore at Elizabeth Learning Center. My favorite sport is soccer and I've playing since i was 3 years old. I am also in the debate team at my school. My favorite color is red.My goal is to go to Yale University and become a lawyer in the state of California. My best friend's name is Carolyn and I've known her since 2009 even if she is a year younger than me I can't imagine anyone that makes me as happy as she does . I love chocolate ice cream and brownies.My all time favorite movie would have to be the Disney motion picture, Hercules.

  There are 5 members in my family. My mom Adriana, is from Mexico and my dad Luis, is from El Salvador. I have two older brothers, Luis Giovanni and Abel. I was born in Huntington Park but moved to Cudahy when i was 2 years old and I've been living here since then. I assisted Park Avenue Elementary School until the 6th grade. From there i moved to Griffiths Middle School in Downey. I was there for two years and that's when i came to E.L.C. my brothers and I have always been close. We like to go out and even though we are very different people we all have one thing in common, we love to play soccer. Yes, just like any other other siblings we don't always get along I mean most of the time we do get along but even in those times when we  don't i wouldn't change them for anything because at the end of the day, they're the ones that i know will hear me out anytime.

   My favorite singer is Bruno Mars although i haven't listened to his music in a while. Regarding computers I'm not very well with them. I don't understand how to use them and  often have to ask someone for help. I'm hoping i learn how to work them better in this computer class. Also I'm looking forward to doing all these new cool things like hopefully making robots later in the year. Another of my hobbies includes going to Six Flags with my best friend. I love roller coasters and going to restaurants. I'm a fan of trying new food when I go out with my family. I love pasta so I'm a huge fan of Italian food and also Argentinian food. Finally to sum it all up i would like to end this by saying I love cookies, mainly chocolate chip cookies are my favorite but I also love Oreos.